Mattia Bicchi, born and raised in a small town of Tuscany, driven by his passion for photography, decided to quit his 9-5 job and move to London in 2010. He obtained a photography diploma from the London College of Communication – one of the best University for Professional Photography, he made the best of his free time to create his first TimeLapse Short Film. Two year after experiencing new techniques and improving the quality of his work, he released the Short Film that would move his career to the next level, ‘Welcome to London’, the Hyperlapse film was published in different countries around the world by News channel, big blogs and online magazines, from this moment Mattia has been busy working for big and small film production from Europe and making stock video for Getty Images. His work has been featured in Documentaries, High-end Ads and Sport Broadcasting Events.

His high level experience on making TimeLapse and HyperLapse is evolving project after project, making him able to film in every kind of environments, from a nice beach in Tenerife to the cold and tough mountain in the Alps.

Doesn’t matter in which part of the world the client wants to film, Mattia’s flexibility to travel and his knowledge of three languages, Italian, English and Spanish will make the job easier and enjoyable.



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